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Geological report content for new oceanfront development and shoreline protective structures Developed by the Coastal Processes and Hazards Working Group and OCMP staff


These include a detailed site description of the upland site. Some examples: History of the site – such as past permits for shoreline protection Topography Vegetation Properties of the sea-cliff Presence of driftlogs of other flotsam on the property Human impacts to the site, which may affect resistance to wave attack Water drainage patterns on the property


Description of the fronting beach, including some examples:Beach widths, summer and winter Average beach slope, summer and winter Presence of rip embayments Presence of rock outcrops or sea stacks Depth of sand down to bedrock at the seaward edge of upland Erosion and flooding potential DOGAMI beach monitoring Analysis of possible mass wasting, landsliding, or slumping, Calculation of wave run-up that could result in upland erosion Use of established methods (such as geometric model for dune erosion, or methods described in DOGAMI hazard studies for bluff erosion


Guidance for recommendationsUse results to establish setbacks, building techniques, or other mitigation to ensure safety and compliance with local requirements Recommend a plan for preservation of vegetation within the setback area Consider local variance process if necessary Recommend methods to control and direct water drainage


Addressing geologic report content for shoreline protective structures In summary:Analysis of project need: types of hazards, estimated erosion rates, storm erosion responses Evaluation of alternatives for wave attack: hazard avoidance, non-structural alternativesEvaluation of alternatives for mass wasting: vegetation management, drainage controls Analysis of impacts from preferred alternative: to adjoining shoreline, rip embayments, sand supply reduction, loss of beach area, on-going maintenance needs, and beach access routes


Database and GIS Project of Eligibility for Shoreline Protective Structures(Recent Progress)

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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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