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ECA 228 Internet/Intranet Design IIntro to the Web


Web Concepts & TechnologyInternet vs web Internet – a collection of computers used to share information: web pages, email, newsgroups, ftp, chat, hardware, equipment, network, etc Web- collection of individual documents for viewing on the internet.


Client/ServerClient/Server Architecture When you type in a URL, the browser (the client) contacts the web server The browser requests the desired file Server looks for the file on its machine The file is sent back to the browser The file is saved to the cache (Temporary Internet Files) The connection between client and server is broken The browser renders the file


Must put your web site on internetWhen you create a website, you must upload it to a web server, otherwise no one will be able to access it Others cannot see a web page you created on your personal computer unless your computer is set up as a web server and connected to the internet


FTP File Transfer ProtocolUsed to transfer any type of file Must have an FTP server and an FTP client Upload- when you send a file from the client to the server Download- when you send from the server to the client FTP is the most common way to put file up on the internet Examples include WS_FTP for Windows, Fetch for Mac


HTML Hypertext Markup LanguageA page description language Decides how text and images will appear Not really a programming language, but a layout language Hypertext- text that links to another document


HTML cont …HTML is a text file, no images are stored in the actual HTML file, it refers to them Pictures are separate files referred to by HTML, then loaded into their proper place HTML can be created in notepad or any simple text editor To view the HTML file, use any browser HTML will look differently in different browsers


HTML EditorHTML can be created and modifies in any text editor Notepad- simplest to use and comes with Windows Front Page Dreamweaver MX Both complex HTML editors


CGI Scripts Common Gateway InterfaceAdds functionality to the site A CGI script is a program Most common language used in CGI is Perl Can take input from a web page and process the data Other CGI languages: C C++ JavaScript


CGI cont … CGI scripts are server side scripts; they are stored on the web server Purpose: counters, polls, password protection, feedback, emails, connect to databases The server runs the script, processes it, and writes HTML back to the browser This HTML page is generated dynamically (may be different every time) by the script


FormsForms allow users to enter information using a web page The browser sends information to the server A program such as CGI processes the form information entered by the user


JavaJava is a product from Sun Microsystems It is a programming language used to embed mini programs or applets into a web page To run a Java applet software called a “virtual java machine” must be installed Java is a multi-platform language- meaning it will run on any operating system with a virtual java machine installed Java applets are client side- meaning the program is run on the client computer


Java cont … Stark State College of Technology offers several courses in Java, the first of which is ECA223 Java Programming


JavaScript and VBScriptAdds functionality to a web page Client Side scripting languages- meaning the browser is the software that interprets the script JavaScript was originally developed by Netscape Microsoft’s developed VBScript, based on Visual Basic Simple to program but limited security and functionality Netscape and Internet Explorer both support JavaScript Only Internet Explorer supports VBScript


JavaScript and VBScript cont … The scripts are usually written inside HTML code Uses : Form validation Pop up windows Pop up menus Much more If you are interested in Javascript we offer it in ECA225


ASPActive Server Pages Creates web pages dynamically Server Side Scripting on Microsoft Servers Can be connected easily to databases, email, save to files etc. ECA229 Microsoft Server Side Scripting


Cold Fusion MXMacromedia product Runs on Microsoft servers or other servers Server side scripting This is taught in ECA234 CFML Tools, formally called E-Commerce


PHPPHP: Hypertext Preprocessor A free server side scripting language Very popular because it is open source ECA236 Open Source Server Side Scripting Works well with other Open Source packages such as Linux, Apache, and MySQL


DatabasesConnecting a web site to a database is where the real money is Storing inventory, name/password combinations, etc Popular databases include Access, SQL Server, Oracle or MySQL Access is adequate for small sites, bigger sites need to use SQL Server, or a more professional database like Oracle


CSSCascading Style Sheets Allows developer to separate the structure of a website from its design CSS enhances a site’s look, accessibility, and consistency CSS makes it much easier for a developer to update or modify the look of a site


Language Summary


HTML Editors3 types of editors Basic text editors - Notepad Advanced Text Editors - color coded syntax, TextPad WYSIWYG- What you see is what you get Microsoft Front page- new users Dreamweaver- experienced users


If you wish to learn Dreamweaver Stark State College of Technology offers: IMT124 Macromedia tools HTML Editors cont …


Graphics PackagesPhotoshop Paint Shop Pro Fireworks Web site developers often need a graphics program to manipulate images Most browsers accept only .jpg or .gif image formats Photoshop is offered in IMT122 Graphic Arts


Web Site HostingOnce you create a web site you must find a place to host it You will upload your files to a server, a computer connected to the Internet 24x7 You can host your own site if you have a dedicated computer hooked up to the internet constantly There are many free hosting sites available


Web Site HostingYou may want to pay a provider to host your site There are many commercial hosting services available, with many advanced features Prices range from $7 to $100 + per month

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