Web based testing: Chucklist and Selenium

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Web based testing: Chucklist and Selenium


Concerns when testing web applications


Concerns when testing web applicationsBroken links Information is displayed correctly Information is processed correctly Cross browser compatibilities Ajax and interactivity add a layer of complexity


Assignments 2 and 3Given a software system (Chucklist) provide the following documents: Specification (30%) Use Cases (60%) Recommendations (10%)




Running Chucklistssh into tux Find out the current server's host name: >hostname Download the tar onto tux using the following command: >wget www.cs.drexel.edu/~ms333/dist.tar.gz Uncompress the distribution using the following command: >tar -zxvf dist.tar.gz Go to the top level directory of the distribution: >cd dist Set up environment variables: >source env.sh Go into the top level rails directory: >cd chucklist Start the web server on port 8080 (If the server does not start choose a different port number that is greater than 2000: >ruby script/server -p 8080 You can now use the application by pointing your browser to hostname:PORT_NUMBER


Notes about ChucklistAdmin account can be accessed via: location: hostname:PORT_NUMBER/admin user name: admin@chuck.com password: password Users can signup via: location: hostname:PORT_NUMBER/account/signup Users can login via: location: hostname:PORT_NUMBER/account/login


Chucklist Specification (30%)Create a more detailed specification document for Chucklist This will provide a basis for use cases and further testing You may need to ask more question to get to a specification document


Use Cases (60%)


Use Cases (60%)You will need to create several use cases that align with the provided specification These use cases should capture all of the existing functionality of the system as well as any missing functionality


Example Use CaseID : 1 Name : Simple log in and out Description : A user logs into the system and then logs out. Primary Actor(s) : Any user Precondition : When the user gets to the front page he is not logged into the system. The account already exists. Trigger : User action to log in Basic Flow : 1. User clicks on login button 2. Application asks for username and password 3. User inputs username and password and click "OK" 4. The application confirms that the information is valid 5. The application sets this user as logged in 6. The application displays the front page 7. The application replaces the login button with the logout button 8. User clicks on the logout button 9. The application set this user's status as logged out 10. The application displays the front page 11. The application replaces the logout button with the login button Alternate Flows: If the provided credentials are not correct, the use case is terminated and the user is presented with an error message.


Recommendations (10%)Now that you have played with the application, what are your immediate observations and recommendations for improvement.


SeleniumJavascript framework that runs in your web-browser Works anywhere Javascript is supported Hooks for many other languages Java, Ruby, Python Can simulate a user navigating through pages and then assert for specific marks on the pages All you need to really know is HTML to start using it right away


Where to get SeleniumYou can use Selenium-Core and customize everything But it is easier to just get a Firefox plug-in “Selenium-IDE” that helps you “record” test cases You can record how an application is being used and then play back those recordings followed by asserts Get everything at: www.openqa.org/selenium/


SeleniumThe root of the application to testThe list of actions to execute. Green means success, red means failureThe log of what happened during the execution


SeleniumExecution commands let you control replay, speed of replay, and step by step playCommand editor




Next Time: More toolsGoing into white box testing tools jUnit, Emma, and lint/splint

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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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