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Route 28 Corridor Safety and Operations Study Public Information Meetings July 20 and 22, 2015 *


Study Goals and ObjectivesPhase 1 – Short-term Short-term improvements Ability to implement quickly Cost effective Phase 2 – Long-term Wider scope of alternatives Currently being planned by Prince William County and City of Manassas *


Study AreaRoute 28 – Centreville Road From South of I-66 To Liberia Avenue Localities/agencies included: Fairfax County Prince William County City of Manassas Park City of Manassas Virginia Department of Transportation *


Planned Corridor ActivitiesNVTA Route 28 Widening and Improvement Project In Loudoun: Route 28 South widening from Sterling Boulevard to the Dulles Toll Road, providing “hot spot” improvements *


Planned Corridor ActivitiesIn Prince William (4 ½ miles): Route 28 widening from Linton Hall Road to Fitzwater Drive Includes the realignment of Vint Hill Road Route 28 widening from Route 234 Bypass (PWC Pkwy) to Linton Hall Road *


Planned Corridor ActivitiesIn the City of Manassas: Route 28 widening from Godwin Drive to the Southern City/Prince William County limits Route 28 (Manassas Bypass) Study *


Planned Corridor ActivitiesNVTA Route 28 Widening and Improvement Project In Fairfax: Route 28 North widening from McLearen Road to the Dulles Toll Road Route 28 South widening from the Dulles Toll Road to Route 50; and *


Planned Corridor ActivitiesNVTA Route 28 Widening and Improvement Project Route 28 widening from Prince William County Line to Route 29 From 4 lanes to 6 lanes Both directions Planned to be in place by 2020 *


Candidate ImprovementIdentified over 100 safety and congestion related candidate improvements Screened by local agencies Screened by Steering Committee Identified five (5) for advancement to design Series of immediate action items*


Steering Committee Recommended ImprovementsCandidates for further advancement: Additional northbound lane(s) - Rt 28 Sidewalk/path - eastside near Bull Run Bridge Sidewalk/path – westside, Spruce Street to Leland Road Southbound left-turn bay extension at Liberia Avenue Roundabout intersection at Ordway/Compton*


Analysis OverviewStudy Analysis elements: Developed traffic forecast model for design year 2020 Widening of Rt 28 from Upperridge to Bull Run Bridge, in base Performed traffic analysis Developed benefits using HSIP process Developed preliminary design sketches Developed cost estimates Developed cost-benefit ratio and recommendations *


Item 1: Additional Lanes on Route 28Route 28 Widening Widen from existing 4 lanes to 6 lanes Bull Run Bridge to Upperridge Drive/Old Centreville Road Fairfax County Advancing to design *


Additional Lanes on Route 28Route 28 Widening Travel time under existing conditions Expected improvement of 15 minutes (33%) in corridor for AM northbound peak From existing average travel time of 45 mins. to 30 mins. Liberia Avenue to New Braddock Road Projected Benefit Additional capacity Needed to keep pace with projected growth 2020 travel time with planned additional development 4 minutes better than existing (9%) *


Sidewalk, Eastside at Bull RunDesign overview Shift curb line, use median area, 700’ in length Removes portion of 2-way left turn lane area Little to no impact on PWC Park Cost = $1.1M Construction $870,000 Engineering $250,000 Right-of-way $0 Benefits High safety value Pedestrian/Bike system continuity *


Sidewalk/path - Eastside near Bull Run Bridge*


Sidewalk, Westside Spruce St to Leland Rd*Safety related improvement Adds 1,400’ of sidewalk, westside of Route 28 Addresses pedestrian/bicycles in roadway


Sidewalk/path – Westside Spruce Street to Leland Road*


Sidewalk, Westside Spruce St to Leland RdImprovement Benefits Removes pedestrians/bicycles conflicts from roadway Provides pedestrian access to private school Design constraints Drainage and slope areas Vegetation Cost = $2.5M Construction $1,700,000 Engineering $460,000 Right-of-way $325,000 High cost benefit ratio (3 to 1) *


SB Left-Turn Bay Extension at Liberia AvenueIntersection improvement : Additional storage for southbound to eastbound left turn vehicles *


Southbound Left-Turn Bay Extension at Liberia Avenue*


SB Left-Turn Bay Extension at Liberia AvenueIntersection improvement to address: Southbound left turning traffic queuing into southbound through lanes during peaks Reduction in rear-end accidents Requires access changes: Make Kincheloe Drive Right in-out only Shopping center driveway, right out only, possibly support left turn in Cost = $250K Construction $190,000 Engineering $55,000 Right-of-way $0 *


Roundabout at OrdwayOld Centreville Road Serves as a parallel alternative route Address off-set intersection in close proximity to the of Compton Road and Route 28 Roundabout would: Re-align the approaches to intersect at 90 degrees Change the intersection control from minor street stop to a roundabout operation. Increase the approach geometry for the intersection of Compton Road with Route 28 Dual lefts, a through lane and a right turn lane. *


Roundabout Intersection at Ordway Rd/Compton Rd*


Roundabout at Ordway Rd/Compton RdIntersection improvement to address: Address intersection spacing between Ordway Road and Route 28, more queuing space Congestion reduction at Ordway Road/Compton Road/Route 28 (LOS A/B) Address queuing on EB leg of Ordway Rd/Compton Rd/Route 28 Cost = $6.2M Construction $4,700,000 Engineering $925,000 Right-of-way $580,000 Recommend traffic calming study for Old Centreville Road during the design phase *


Design Recommendations SummaryRoute 28 widening north of Bull Run Fairfax County and NVTA underway Sidewalks Sidewalk/path – westside Spruce St to Leland Rd Sidewalk/path - eastside near Bull Run Bridge Part of completion of pedestrian/bicycle plan SB Left-Turn Bay Extension at Liberia Ave Roundabout Intersection at Ordway Rd/Compton Rd *


Signal Retiming ActivitiesVDOT On-Going Recommendation Implementation Signal retiming on Route 28 Upperridge Road to Bull Run – completed Bull Run to Manassas Drive – completed Liberia Avenue retiming – data collection phase Portner Avenue Mathis Avenue Route 28 Manassas Junction Euclid Avenue*

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