The components of the blood

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The components of the blood and their jobs


What is blood made up of?Red blood cells White blood cells Platelets Plasma Breakdown products of digestion, such as glucose, fatty acids and amino acids Dissolved mineral salts Carbon dioxide Urea hormones


What is plasma?Plasma is the liquid part of the blood which carries everything else. Plasma is a straw-yellow coloured liquid If everything in plasma was removed, plasma would look like this


What do the different parts of blood look like under a microscope?Red blood cellsWhite blood cells


What is the job of red blood cells?They have a round, flat disc shape for a large surface area They do not have a nucleus They contain haemoglobin which combines with oxygen in areas of high concentration to form oxyhaemoglobin Oxygen + haemoglobin oxyhaemoglobin Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells of the body for use in respiration


What do white blood cells do?White blood cells help the body to fight invading bacteria White blood cells will engulf and ingest invading bacteria


Other important jobs of the white blood cells:They produce antibodies which can recognise and fight bacteriaThey produce antitoxins which neutralise the toxins (poisons) that bacteria produce, which make us feel ill


What do platelets do?Platelets are fragments of cells The job of platelets is to help blood clot and form a scab The platelets are involved in the formation of fibrin, which is needed for clotting blood This is useful for stopping bleeding, and for preventing germs from entering the body through the cut


Summary of the composition of blood


Questions on the bloodWhat part of blood carries oxygen to cells? Why are red blood cells flat disc-shaped? What is the job of platelets? What do white blood cells do? Describe how a white blood cell carries out its job. What is the straw-coloured liquid which carries all the other parts of blood called?


More questions on blood Name cell A Name cell BBA


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