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ODOT Structure Project Manager Seminar Specifications


Division of Construction ManagementResponsible to develop, maintain implement construction and material specifications Five specification committees Pavement Structures Earthwork and Hydraulics Contract Administration Traffic


Specification Committee For more information on the working of the committee go to: http://www.dot.state.oh.us/construction/OCA/Specs/default.htm


Session OutlineOrder of Precedence Addenda Proposal Notes and Special Provisions Plans and Notes Supplemental Specifications Standard Construction Drawings Standard Specifications, CMS Pay Items Standard, As per plan, Item Special Estimated Quantities


Construction and Material Specification (CMS) Directs the Contractor on the methods to perform work as outlined in the project plans. Furnishing of labor, materials, equipment, and transportation to perform work.


2002 CMS2005 available in May 2005, at Office of Contracts


500 StructuresExample CMS Items Item 507 Bearing Piles Item 511 Concrete for Structures Item 513 Structural Steel Item 515 Prestressed Concrete Bridge Members Item 610 Cellular Retaining Walls


Pay Item Inclusion Common question with regards to CMS pay items: “What is included with pay items for payment?” For example 14” Cast-in-place, Reinforced Concrete Piles has Item 509 Reinforcing Steel, Item 511Concrete and structural steel for the shell components. Answer: All material and labor identified in the “Materials” section and/or as explained in the ‘Basis of Payment” section within the CMS Item.


Standard DrawingsBridge Drawings Standard drawings indicate repetitive details such as parapet, deck joints, precast concrete sections, etc. Standard Drawings should be referenced on the Title Sheet and General Notes. Reference to standard bridge drawings should be made by stating the Drawing Number and latest date of revision, or the approval date if there has been no revision. If a Standard Drawing is modified by a plan detail or note then the corresponding pay item shall be “as per plan”


Standard DrawingsBridge Drawings If reference is made to a standard drawing, details shown on the standard drawing generally should not be duplicated in the project plans. The designer shall be familiar with the standards and know if they are adequate for the particular design situation being addressed. A standard drawing should not be referenced if only one or two small details on the standard are applicable. Details should be copied on the project plans. Standard Drawings can be downloaded off the Office of Structural Engineering’s web page


Supplemental Specifications Supplemental Specifications are specifications that have been developed by the department and have a history of successful use. In some instances with the department’s approval Supplemental Specifications may be modified. The pay item would then be “as per plan”. Supplemental Specifications are located on ODOT’s web site under Design Reference Resource Center


Structure Supplemental SpecificationsExamples Patching Concrete Structures with Trowelable Mortar Bridge Deck Repair and Overlay with Concrete Using Scarification and Chipping Different types of overlays have been combined into same spec. Bridge Deck Repair and Overlay with Concrete Using Hydrodemolition


New Structure Supplemental SpecificationsQC/QA Concrete for Structures  High Performance Concrete for New Bridge Decks with Warranty Class S and QC/QA also have warranty specs The life of the warranty was recently modified from 7 years to 2 years.


Specifications Under DevelopmentField Metalizing of Structural Steel (Under Development)


Plan NotesSample plan notes are provided in the BDM Section 600 and 700. Any note that alters or modifies the intent of the CMS pay item shall have an “as per plan” designation. When in doubt use as per plan to be on safe side


Plan Insert SheetsPlan insert sheets are similar to Standard drawings but must be included in the plans. They often cover a standard item in the developmental stage or require project specific information to complete design. Abutment Joint for Box Beams Noise Barrier Details Polymer Modified Asphalt Exp. Joint


Design Data SheetsDesign Data Sheets have been developed to assist the plan development of repetitive design items. Examples include: Bridge Rail Post Details Portable Concrete Barrier Installation Guide Prestress Concrete Box Beam


Proposal NotesProposal notes are similar to Supplemental Specifications. Proposal Notes were developed to assure uniform specifications for specific items that are either experimental or of an interim status. Proposal Notes are not to be revised by the designer. Proposal Notes override all other requirements in the plans, CMS, supplemental specs and Standard Drawings (only exception is addendum)


Proposal NotesProposal Notes can also be obtained at the Design Reference Resource Center from the ODOT website. Proposal Notes are referenced on the bridge plan by adding a note to the end of the applicable bid item (See Proposal Note). Do not refer to Proposal Notes by number.


Proposal Note ExamplesVALUE ENGINEERING CHANGE PROPOSAL HEAT STRAIGHTENING OF DAMAGED STRUCTURAL STEEL STEEL PRICE ADJUSTMENT Acknowledges fluctuations in the cost of manufactured steel Provides for a pay adjustment for structural steel, piling, casing, steel deck joints, railing & bearings, reinforcing steel and prestress/post-tension strands Temporary note for volatile spikes in material cost


Special Provisions Special Provisions are notes and/or specifications developed for a project. Typically have a significant number of pages so are not included in the plans. Special Provisions that are not included in plans shall have their title and date listed on Title Sheet. Contents submitted in the Final Plan Package to ODOT. The BDM Appendix has several Special Provisions such as MSE walls, pot bearings listed. ODOT should be contacted for latest versions.


Standard Pay ItemsStandard pay item is one whose requirements are defined by a Standard Drawing, CMS or Supplemental Specification.


“As per Plan” Pay ItemsWhen a CMS, Standard Drawing or Supplemental Specification item has been modified an “As Per Plan” pay item is required. The “as per plan” item must have a corresponding plan note or plan detail which clearly defines the deviation from the standard item. In the Estimated Quantities the last column shall reference the deviation with the plan sheet in which the modification is explained.


Item SpecialsTypically created by means of a proposal note or special provisions. Exceptions include vandal protection fencing and steel drip strips.

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