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Trauma Site Survey-Countdown to your surveyHospital Preparation


Trauma Site Survey 1 year to date or greater: Develop a plan for your site survey work team- trauma committee agenda item- designate representatives 12 months: Review if not earlier, deficiencies from previous survey- review work plan, correction actions 12 months: Charts from this time forward/ or possibly six months earlier candidates for chart review by survey team- memo concerning documentation. 12 months: Review educational requirements for physicians, staff- ED/ICU to assure compliance- ATLS, TNCC, TEAM - CEUs


12 months-6 months12 months or when budget planning: assure trauma program budget designated in review process, FTES as appropriate and budgeted Hospital Diversion for 12 months prior to site survey, to be tracked, action planning Call schedules, CT response, teleradiology CQI, organ donation rates- utilize PNTB QI process in place, review state required indicators- action planning, documentation of meetings-minutes, regional QI


6 months to survey- Review above for completion on ongoing work Schedule room for site survey- check with OHA- for date, may not be scheduled till closer to three months Develop educational plan for staff, Q and A- news item, staff meetings, postings in lounges, report rooms Physician briefings, administrative briefings on possible concerns Select charts weekly for documentation review, if electronic record decide how data will be presented to site survey team- CQI dated, minutes in books Include medical records department, educate on process can include in your trauma meetings


Trauma Site Survey 6 to 3 months Request Site survey applications- a letter should be coming to the TNC and Administrator 60-90 days previous to site survey, with dates, application and report directions Start site survey application process, Letter of support as requested from administration, board of directors Develop calendar of events leading to survey day, assure your administration, trauma director, nursing VPs and others have dates on calendar- Schedule for day


Trauma Site Survey 1 month- week before survey Response to the RFP due to OHA with reports, start to prepare survey information to be available day of survey Continue to meet with work team, possible weekly meetings, areas of concerns Check all above, list from OHA of requested charts will be sent, label trauma flow sheet and other chart areas, place CQI information with each chart- hint the easier it is for the surveyors the better it will flow!!! Review chart documentation and CQI information, prepare CQI books, minutes of meetings, complication rates


Prepare presentation on accomplishments since last survey, Trauma CQI process Order food as requested, AV equipment Prepare chart categories Develop display boards for survey room Prep trauma tour guides and units- ED/ICU/OR/ Acute care/ Lab/ Blood Bank Trauma Site Survey


Trauma Site Survey Week of Survey Check with OHA, start to prepare room, recheck schedules, units Double check catering, mock tour with trauma staff, rehearse presentation, final meeting with work team. Double check charts, CQI information, documents for onsite review


Trauma Site Survey Day before survey Charts prepared, sorted, documents for site survey team in room, survey welcome packets if appropriate. Rehearse presentation, check everyone scheduled, catering. Try to relax!!


Questions for staff during site surveyED- How would you prepare for a multiply injured patient? With chest injuries? A child? A patient with possible hypothermia? How do you decide what team to activate, full, modified ( level 1, 2 or 3 if applicable)? What type of equipment would each patient possibly need and how would it be prepared? Who is the team leader in the trauma room? How do you notify the OR, or Blood Bank, or if necessary to transfer the appropriate resources? If you have a concern or issue with a resuscitation who would you notify? What type of education have you had in trauma care? Lab- What does your massive transfusion protocol require? What are your resources and turnaround times? Radiology- What availability of CT, MRI and Ultrasound? How is it read, if you use teleradiology what is the time till results? If a patient is transferred how do the radiology results get sent?


Questions for staff during site surveyICU/ Acute care- What types of patients do you care for? Who is in charge of the patients when admitted to the ICU? If you have a question or concern what are your resources? What are the complications you might see in a patient with abdominal injuries, chest injuries? RT- What role do you play in the resuscitation? In patients who are ventilated who manages the weaning, how are complications handled? OT, PT, Rehab.- What role do you play in mobility, when does rehab. get involved? Nutrition- what patients do you see? How does the patient’s nutrition status play a role in recovery? Social Services/Chaplains- How is the family notified, is the patient and family given resources on recovery, financial issues? If the patient is transferred what information is given? Does staff have a mechanism for debriefing?

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