Seizures - absence seizure

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SeizuresBy the end of this session you will be able to: recognise when someone is having a seizure or an absence seizure respond appropriately to someone who is having a seizure.


What you will see: sudden unconsciousness rigid and arching back convulsions after the seizure the muscles will relax the casualty may feel very tired and fall into a deep sleep.Seizures


What you should do: make space around the casualty and move bystanders away record the time the seizure began remove dangerous objects or pad them if they can’t be moved if possible, place cushions or coats under the casualty’s head when the seizure has finished, check for breathing be prepared to resuscitate, or place them into the recovery position, depending on your findings.Seizures


What you will see: suddenly ‘switch off’ blank staring small twitching movements repetitive movements such as lip smacking. Seizures - absence seizure


What you should do: help the casualty to sit in a quiet place remove any potential dangers reassure the casualty stay with the casualty until they are fully recovered. Seizures - absence seizure


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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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