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SAP Patient Management The Patient-Centric Solution


SAP Patient Management is ...... the premium solution for patient management in your hospital ... the integrated solution for your outpatient and inpatient processes ... the patient-centric platform for your administrative and clinical processes


1 - Patient Admission“Hello. I’m Albert Dorn. I’ve an appointment for a hip operation.”Patient Albert Dorn“That’s right, you’re on my list. I just need a few more details for your admission.”Admissions Clerk Maria Sanchez


Patient AdmissionMore efficient admission process for planned and non-planned treatmentsThe patient admission procedure enables: Scheduling using pre-registration and waiting lists Fast and efficient admission by automatic transfer of data from scheduling Variants custom-tailored to different admission situations, for example, for deliveries or emergency cases


2 - Care Unit Work StationNurse Mildred“I was expecting the patient. I assign him to the desired private room using Drag & Drop, and order a TV for him at the same time.”


Care Unit Work StationAll relevant patient information at a glance – all functions for routine tasks on the care unit at the click of a button.The care unit work station provides: Intuitive user interface Integrated display of medical and administrative data Customized user menu Cross-unit processing Personalized layout


3 – Clinical Supply Chain ManagementDuring the initial examination, care unit physician Dr. Ross discovers that Mr. Dorn has diabetes for which he is taking the prescription drug Insuman®. The drug is not kept in stock on the care unit and nurse Mildred has to order it from the hospital pharmacy. Dr. Ross signs the order electronically. Physician Dr. RossPharmacist Rebecca Hansen


Clinical Supply Chain ManagementImplementation of the Clinical Supply Chain with optimized use of all resources (warehouse, employees, materials, suppliers)Buying / ProvidingDeliveringRequestingApprovingPharmacistPhysician Vendor / SupplierNurse


4 – Open Communication“During surgery, we document the exact progress of the operation in a special surgery system. We enter data that is relevant for billing and reporting. The surgery system automatically transfers this data to SAP Patient Management.”OR Team


Open CommunicationIntegrated System Landscape Through Open CommunicationLaboratory SystemClinical SystemHealth InsurerSurgery SystemFamily PhysicianCommunication in SAP Patient Management: Intuitive user interface Easy data exchange and simple further processing of data from connected systems No duplicate data entry: once entered, data is available in all systems Flexible interfaces that can be easily tailored to satisfy customer requirements SAP Patient Mgmt


5 – Appointment and Resource SchedulingPatient Albert Dorn“Before I was discharged, nurse Mildred consulted with me and then scheduled rehabilitation measures for me for the next 3 weeks in the affiliated rehabilitation center.”


Appointment and Resource SchedulingFast and efficient appointment scheduling and optimum use of available resources Appointment/resource scheduling enables: Appointment allocation from “anywhere” Fast and efficient appointment search at the click of a button Scheduling of single and group appointments, repeat appointments and complex treatment units Access to daily schedules of physicians, treatment rooms and medical devices GPs to access resources on the Internet


6 – Embedded WorkflowPatient Albert DornCoding Director Lee AdamsMr. Dorn is discharged from the hospital into the rehabilitation center. The coding director is automatically informed that Mr. Dorn has been discharged.


Embedded WorkflowOptimize your processes by proactively bringing the right information and tasks at the right time to the right peopleSynchronize processes Allocate work items to the right people Monitor deadlines Organize flow of information Record history (if required)


7 – Comprehensive DRG SupportCoding Director Lee Adams“I check and complete the DRG-relevant documentation. I carry out grouping and then release the case for billing.”


Comprehensive DRG SupportEasy DRG determination and intelligible verification toolsDRG support in SAP Patient Management: Support of DRG documentation in daily operation DRG coding director work station for intelligible verification of relevant data and determining DRG Billing of DRGs DRG-related analyses Portal for Coding Director


8 – Patient AccountingPatient Accountant Philipp Borg“The billing data I get converged from all possible sources. This means that my workstation contains all the data I need for rapid, problem-free billing.”


Patient AccountingAll billing-relevant tasks performed with easeInsur- anceCase DataServicesDown PaytsChecksSimu- lationCompar- isonThe billing work station enables: Support of DRG documentation in daily operation Fast access to all information Support for all billing methods Efficient processing of all business transactions pertaining to patient accounting Full integration with Financial and Cost Accounting Analyses Data exchange with insurance providersInvoice


9 – Integrated Financial AccountingAccountant Christine David“In Financial Accounting, integration with the patient management system has been a great benefit. The automatic posting of invoices means that incorrect postings are now a thing of the past.”


Integrated Financial AccountingPatient300700Aetna Life Ins.700Revenue Nrs.Charge300Revenue Prv.Room200Data captured at its source. Automatic posting of documents directly where they belong.Down Payt €200Private RoomAetna Life InsuranceNursing ChargeSAP Patient Management Financial Accounting


10 – Integrated Cost AccountingController Daniel Hall“I check the profitability of all patients who have undergone hip operations in the last quarter. For cases with more than average costs, I carry out a detailed analysis.”


Integration with ControllingSAP Patient Management ControllingCost transparency in medical service processesMedicationAccommodationNursing CareSurgeryCase Lisa Huber -- Case Hubert Meier --Case Albert Dorn --------------------------------- Costs Nursing effort 350.- Medication 117.- .... Revenue Nursing charge - 700.- Private room - 300.- .... Balance ....“Are hip operations profitable for us?“


Benefits at a GlancePatient-centric all information exists and can be analyzed on a patient basis Comprehensive from scheduling to final costing in CO Integrated all pertinent data is available round the clock where required Flexible can be tailored to your organizational processes Role-based work stations and work flows tailored to meet the needs of different users Open flexible connection to all existing systems in your hospital


And What Do Our Customers Say? “SAP Patient Management - a solid, dependable and flexible product.” Hospital Britanico de Buenos Aires, ArgentinaMore than 500 hospitals worldwide run SAP Patient Management and take advantage of SAP’s longtime experience in the healthcare sector. “Time and cost savings are besides the optimized patient orientation the result of the wide scope project.“ Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Schwestern, Austria


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