Safety Moment #9 - Know Your Exits

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© 2012 Halliburton. All rights reserved.DID YOU KNOW THE BEST WAY IN IS NOT ALWAYS THE BEST WAY OUT.At Halliburton, solving customer challenges is second only to keeping everyone safe and healthy. You can find more safety tips at safety is about quickly getting away from an unsafe situation. That’s why it pays to know your exits. Chances are you’re aware of the exits from your home or your workplace. But what about the stores where you shop, the public buildings you enter, the venues you take your family to, or the hotels where you stay? Get in the habit of always locating the emergency exit wherever you are. If you know exactly where to go, you’ll get there a lot quicker.Safety Moment Subject suggested by: Martha Cuthill, Halliburton Employee

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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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