ROC Permanent Downhole Gauges Cable termination

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ROC™ Permanent Monitoring Systems


WellDynamics: Transforming Reservoirs with SmartWell® System TechnologyOur mission To be the premier provider of intelligent completion technology, creating value for our customers by delivering fit-for-purpose, innovative and reliable solutions for zonal isolation and flow control, reservoir monitoring, fiber optic and surface digital infrastructureFlow ControlFiber OpticsPermanent MonitoringDigital Infrastructure


Permanent Monitoring: ApplicationsOptimized Production Analyze pressure losses Accelerate production Obtain data from unplanned shutdowns Monitor formation damage through well transients Optimize artificial lift Optimize sand control and stimulationReservoir Management Improve understanding of the reservoir and quality of reservoir description Predict future production/ recovery for various development strategies Improve reserves calculation and optimize production of recoverable reserves Receive early data on actual vs predicted performance


Permanent Monitoring Components


Track Record & ReliabilityPermanent Monitoring Reliability – R(60)


ROC™ Environmental Operating EnvelopeROC-H 10K 150°C 9381-6010ROC-H 16K 177°C TBDROC-H 20K 200°C 9381-6012ROC-H 25K 200°C 9381-6013ROC-H 30K 200°C TBDROC-HROC-150 SeriesROC-175 SeriesROC-200 Series


ROC Environmental Operating EnvelopeROC-H 10K 150°C 9381-6010ROC-H 16K 177°C TBDROC-H 20K 200°C 9381-6012ROC-H 25K 200°C 9381-6013ROC-H 30K 200°C TBDROC-HROC-300ROC-350ROC-400ROC-150 10KROC-175 16KROC-175 20KROC-175 25KROC-200 25KROC-200 20KROC-200 30K


ROC Gauge VariantsROC dual P/T sensorROC dual P/T sensor plus feedthroughROC fully redundant P/T sensor plus feedthroughROC single P/T sensor, plus feedthroughROC single P/T sensorROC fully redundant P/T sensorNote: Fully redundant configurations contain dual electronics and dual sensors ported to a single pressure port


ROC - Standard Gauge Configurations


ROC Permanent Downhole GaugesCable termination (field-pressure testable)PCB/hybridMechanical arrangement, including sealsPressure/temperature quartz transducer


HPHT Environments: ROC Permanent Downhole GaugeQuartz sensor-based design High accuracy (0.02% FS) High resolution (<0.01psi/sec) 30,000 psi / 200°C (390°F) Hybrid micro circuit design Smaller footprint Improved vibration resistance Increased reliability Design qualification completed System reliability > 90% @ 5 yrs @ 180°C 3”


ROC Hybrid AdvantagesLong-term reliability at extreme temperatures Excellent heat dissipation over traditional downhole electronics Improved thermal shock resistance Improved physical shock and vibration resistance Compact size


Qualification Testing CompletedElectronic Circuit Testing Verified functionality from 0°C to 220°C Telemetry Performance Determined telemetry performance at 35,000ft cable length Noise Tolerance Testing Confirmed telemetry performance in high noise environment HALT Testing Lifetime testing including combined environment testing Weld and Seal Testing Testing of seal performance at elevated pressure and temperature QALT Testing Determine lifetime estimates as a function of temperature


ROC Lifetime Estimates


Gauge MandrelsSlimline design Machined from solid billet No welded parts Ultrasonic wall thickness test API 5CT standard Body burst test Gauge mandrel pressure test Multiple seals Full component protection Line bypass slots


Single Gauge Mandrel


Dual Gauge Mandrel


Triple Gauge Mandrel


FloStream™ Venturi Flowmeter Mandrel


Tubing Encased Conductor (TEC)TEC (Tubing Encased Conductor) Alloy 825 & Stainless Steel Wall thickness: 0.028”, 0.035” & 0.049” Up to 34,000 ft Insulator ratings: 135°C / 275°F, 150°C / 302°F, 200°C / 392°F Heavier wall options preferred Reduce handling risk – at tubing hanger Higher pressure rating Better sealing Higher tensile strength Higher crush resistance


Purpose Supports and protects TEC / Control lines from axial and compressive loads Designed to suit the completion Available in all cast carbon steel or pressed steel Issues to Consider: Cast vs. Pressed Steel Interlocking design Lower angle chamber Line configuration – hanger terminations Torque settings Insulated sleeves Riser centralizers Control Line Protectors


Digital InfrastructureSmartWell Master™ supervisory application XPIO data acquisition and control unit Subsea interface cards IWIS interfaceSmartWell Master Application ScreenSubsea Interface CardXPIO Data Acquisition and Control Unit

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