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*New Construction Travel & Pay EntitlementsUnited States Navy Fleet Introduction Services and SupportAPR 2010 Glenn Green Admin/Personnel Officer, PCU Bath


Accounting Category Codes (ACC) ACC 106 and ACC 352 orders highlights Per Diem Basics ***NEW*** PCS Travel Entitlements POV Travel From The Shipyard To Homeport Basic Allowance For Housing (BAH) Family Separation Allowance (FSA) Basic Allowance For Subsistence (BAS) ***NEW*** Ship’s Custody Transfer (SCT) GOB/Return to Homeport Travel *Presentation Overview


Reference: MILPERSMAN 1306-802 ACC 100: “For Duty” These orders will detach the member from "DUTY CFO“ (ACC 106) with the PRECOMMUNIT - PCU or PRECOMDET - PCD and direct the member to report to the vessel For Duty (ACC 100) on board when placed "IN SERVICE." ACC 106: “For Duty In Connection With Fitting Out – DUTY CFO” For periods of duty in excess of 180 days at one locale (PRECOMUNIT or PRECOMDET) in connection with Precom (Fitting Out). ACC 352: “For Temporary Duty In Connection With Fitting Out – TEMDU CFO” For periods of duty in transit less than 180 days in connection with Fitting Out. *Accounting Category Codes (ACC)


ACC 106-Follow On OrdersPersonnel Assigned to Pre-Commissioning Detachments (PCD) Personnel who are ACC 106 at either PCD San Diego, CA or PCD Norfolk, VA will receive follow-on PCS orders to the construction site and ultimately to USS …., approximately 6 – 9 months prior to Ships’ Custody Transfer (SCT). This is authorization to move dependents/ household goods (HHG) to the ship’s homeport or designated place.*ACC 106 and ACC 352 orders highlights (continued)


Personnel may be assigned ACC 352 (Temporary Duty In Connection With Fitting Out) at the respective PCD and/or the Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) at the construction site. Personnel cannot be assigned ACC 352 in excess of 179 days at any one location. ACC 352 Personnel, only upon receipt of ACC 100 orders will members be authorized to move dependents/ household goods (HHG) to the ship’s homeport or designated place.*ACC 352-Follow On OrdersACC 106 and ACC 352 orders highlights (continued)


PER DIEM BASICSPer Diem – A daily payment for lodging, meals and related incidental expenses. References: JFTR, Chapter 4, Part B – Temporary Duty Travel – Per Diem Allowance JFTR U1045 – Government Quarters Use/ Availability JFTR U4400 – Government Mess Use/ Availability JFTR U4105A – Per Diem Payable Under Specific Cases*


Daily Rate Factors The daily rate of per diem you may be entitled to is base on several factors: The geographic location of the TDY duty station. Each location has a Lodging rate and also an MIE (Meals & Incidental Expense) rate. The following web site has the maximum per diem rates authorized based on location: *PER DIEM BASICS (continued)


Your PCS orders will normally contain the following statement in the body of your orders regarding the use of government quarters and messing. This statement is referred to as a “P-Text” and is included in the orders by the detailer. “- Member Directed: For each intermediate stop(s), if government quarters are available (BEQ) and the base has a government mess (appropriated fund food service activity/galley) available to the traveler, use of the government mess and government meal per diem rate is directed. If government messing is not available or is partially available, obtain an endorsement to that effect from the host command. JFTR para U4400 and CNO Washington DC NAVADMIN 223/96 (172134Z SEP 96) and NAVADMIN 223/96 (302056Z SEP 96 apply. No per diem/lodging reimbursement is authorized if this intermediate stop is in the same geographic location as ultimate station.”*Daily Rate FactorsPER DIEM BASICS (continued)


Availability/Non-Availability of Government Quarters & Government Messing at the TDY duty station. If Government Quarters OR Government Messing ISN’T available you must obtain a written or rubber stamp endorsement from the CBQ/BOQ/BEQ at the TDY location. This endorsement will be stamped on your orders or you will be given a written paper Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA). Effective 1 April 2010, Government messing is not available at Pre-Commissioning Unit in Bath, ME. The Commercial Meal Rate (CMR) is authorized & is currently $56/day. *Daily Rate FactorsPER DIEM BASICS (continued)


Certificates of Non-Availability (CNA’s) are normally issued for no more than 30 days at a time. Certificates of Non-Availability (CNA’s) are not automatically renewed. You must go back to the CBQ/BOQ/BEQ approximately 5 - 10 days before your CNA expires. The CBQ/BOQ/BEQ will do one of the following: 1. If there is still no room available in the CBQ/BOQ/BEQ, they’ll issue another CNA. 2. If there is room available in the CBQ/BOQ/ BEQ, you’ll be told that you will have to check-out of the hotel/Navy Lodge the day your CNA expires and move into the CBQ/BOQ/BEQ. *PER DIEM BASICS (continued)Daily Rate Factors


Advance Per Diem is not paid automatically. If you want advance per diem, you’ll have to request it through PCD Admin or the PCU Personnel Office. The following documentation will have to be provided: A copy of lodging receipt indicating daily room cost Certificate of Non Availability (if applicable) Copy of orders Banking information for Direct Deposit (account # & RTN #) *PER DIEM BASICS (continued)Advance Per Diem Factors


Processing time varies from location to location. Ask your personnel services representative about the average processing time in order to determine your needs. Advance per diem is normally paid for no more than 30 days. You must file for advance per diem every 30 days if entitled, providing the documentation mentioned earlier. *PER DIEM BASICS (continued)Advance Per Diem Factors


DO remember to make copies of all Certificates of Non-Availability’s (CNA’S). DO remember when you check-out of the CBQ, Navy Lodge or Hotel to checkout at the front desk the DAY you depart and get a copy of your complete itemized lodging receipt covering your entire stay. “ZERO BALANCE RECEIPT” Keep this receipt somewhere safe. It will be required when you file your travel claim! DO remember that all advances are based on estimates. DO remember anytime you’re in a leave status, TAD, hospitalized or underway that you’re NOT entitled to per diem! DO remember to keep copies of all airline itineraries/tickets from the Commercial Travel Office (CTO)/SATO. They are required!! When in doubt, keep a copy! *PER DIEM BASICS (continued)Per Diem Must-Know


PCS Travel Entitlements References: JFTR Volume 1, Paragraph U3005 JFTR, Volume 1, Chapter 5, Part B *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Travel And Transportation Options Normally on PCS orders you are allowed several travel options en route to the various TDY duty stations and your New Permanent Duty Station specified in your orders. These options include the following: Travel via Privately Owned Vehicle (POV); Procure common carrier transportation; Be provided transportation in kind. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Travel via Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) When you elect to travel via Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) you are entitled to travel time, mileage allowance and a per diem allowance. Travel Time - The number of travel days authorized is determined by the official distance from your current duty station to the next duty station specified in your orders. On PCS orders, generally one (1) day of travel is authorized for every 350 miles of the official distance ordered. If the excess distance is 51 miles or more, one additional day of travel is allowed. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Travel via Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) (continued) *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Travel via Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) (continued) Mileage Allowance – MALT(Mileage in Lieu of Transportation) Mileage Allowance is paid at the rate of $.165 per mile (effective 01 January 2010) for the official distance of ordered travel. Per Diem Allowance – Flat Per Diem Flat Per Diem is paid at the rate of $116 (effective 1 Oct 2009) per day for each authorized day of travel via POV. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Procure common carrier transportation If you are taking leave between duty stations and purchase your own transportation whether it be via commercial plane, train or bus your reimbursement is limited to what it would have cost the government to purchase transportation for you for the ordered points of travel. KEEP ALL AIRLINE, TRAIN OR BUS TICKETS PURCHASED AS THEY WILL BE REQUIRED TO DETERMINE HOW MUCH YOU CAN BE REIMBURSED! Travel Time - Only 1 day of travel is authorized for travel via commercial transportation. Per Diem Allowance - You are entitled to a partial per diem allowance for your travel time. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Be provided transportation in kind If you are traveling directly from your current duty or TDY station to your next TDY or permanent duty station (you are not taking leave en route) your travel arrangements must be made with the Commercial Travel Office (CTO) at the servicing Personnel Support Detachment (PSD). This is DOD Policy and is MANDATORY! Travel Time - Only 1 day of travel is authorized for travel via commercial air travel. Per Diem Allowance - You are entitled to a partial per diem allowance for your travel time. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Mixed Mode Travel What is mixed mode travel? Travel using Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) or (including on a PCS, a rental vehicle procured at personal expense) and one or more of the following modes: Personally-procured commercial transportation; Government-procured commercial transportation;   Government transportation. Reimbursement for mixed mode travel is limited to actual expense not to exceed the mileage allowance (MALT) and per diem allowance (Flat Per Diem) authorized for the ordered travel distance. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Mixed Mode Travel (continued) Travel Time 1. Travel time authorized for the total distance traveled by POV is calculated up to the travel time authorized for points of ordered travel. 2. 1 day of travel for any commercial transportation. Example: Sailor is ordered to travel from Naval Station – San Diego, CA to PreComUnit at Bath, ME. Official distance between Naval Station – San Diego, CA and Bath, ME is 3154 miles. 3154 miles ÷ 350 miles = 9.01 days. Sailor is authorized maximum of 9 days travel for travel from San Diego, CA to Bath, ME. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Mixed Mode Travel (continued) Sailor drives Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) from San Diego, CA to Oklahoma City, OK, takes leave and purchases a one-way commercial plane ticket from Oklahoma City, OK to Portland, ME for $300.00. TRAVEL TIME CALCULATION: 1354 miles Distance from San Diego, CA – Oklahoma City, OK 1354 miles ÷ 350 = 3.86 Sailor is authorized 4 Days Travel Time for POV travel from San Diego, CA – Oklahoma City, OK; Member flies from Oklahoma City, OK – Portland, ME; Sailor is authorized 1 additional day of travel for travel via Commercial Air; Sailor is authorized maximum of 5 days travel time based on modes of travel used from San Diego, CA – Portland, ME. *


PCS Travel Entitlements (continued)Mixed Mode Travel (continued) COST COMPARISON TRAVEL ENTIRELY VIA POV ACTUAL TRAVEL VIA MIXED MODE 3154 miles @ $.165 = $520.41 1354 miles @ $.165 = $223.41 9 days TT @ $116 = $1044.00 4 days TT @ $116 = $464.00 1 day TT (Commercial Air) $56.00 Commercial Plane Ticket $300.00 Total Entitlement $1564.41 Total Actual Expense $1043.41 The sailors’ entitlement would be $1043.41, actual travel expenses since it is less that the maximum amount allowed if he/she had driven the entire distance from San Diego, CA – Bath, ME. If this sailor had been paid advance travel pay, they would have been overpaid $521.00. Just a word of caution if you are intending to travel via mixed mode travel. *


POV Travel From The Shipyard To HomeportACC 106 Personnel Personnel assigned ACC 106 at the shipyard are authorized to drive their POV to the ships’ designated homeport upon receipt of their BUPERS Orders transferring them from the PCU to USS ……. They are authorized travel time, mileage allowance (MALT) and Flat Per Diem as well as a one-way commercial plane ticket from the ships’ homeport back to the shipyard. If they are unable to drive their POV back to the homeport, their POV may be shipped to the homeport at government expense. *


POV Travel From The Shipyard To HomeportACC 352 Personnel The Per Diem, Travel And Allowance Committee ruled in 2001, that sailors who have been ordered via the ships’ homeport via BUPERS Orders ARE NOT authorized to drive or transport their POV’s back to the ships’ homeport at government expense. Should you decide to drive your POV to the shipyard and fall into this category all expenses incurred will be at your personal expense. You ARE NOT authorized any travel time and your change of command will have to authorize leave.*

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