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Crafting Stormwater ProgramsOregon Coastal Planners Fall Network Meeting October 9, 2008 Florence Event Center Alissa Maxwell, PE


Major Stormwater Program ElementsDesign Standards Development Review and Inspection Stormwater Master Plan and Management Plan Stormwater Utility Ordinances


Design StandardsGoals: Requirements and Engineering Standards for new developments Preserve water quality, protect downstream watercourses, limit erosion Set a level playing field for proposed developments Design Standards should be: Consistent with Environmental Regulations Regionally appropriate Tailored to local community concerns


Design StandardsPrimary: Flow Control Water Quality Treatment Conveyance Erosion ControlSecondary: Calculation Methods Low Impact Design Source Control MaintenanceThresholds and Exemptions: Flow control not appropriate near major waterways or ocean 5,000 sf impervious or 1 acre total development Reduced requirements for single lot developments


Design StandardsPerformance Based Developer must prove certain outcomes will be met Municipal staff must review and approve designs and analysis methods Data intensive High cost for every project Design Based Identifies a set of acceptable facilities, BMPs, and analysis methods Developers know the rules ahead of time Clearer review guidelines for municipal staff Predictable, consistent requirements and costs


Development Review and InspectionPlanning Submittal General facility overview Background Investigations – soils, wetlands, etc Construction Plan Submittal Engineering Details Design Report Inspections Erosion and Sediment Control measures Stormwater Facility Installation Final Site Stabilization


Stormwater Master Plan and Management PlanStormwater Master Plan Identifies Infrastructure needs now and in the Future Stormwater Management Plan Outlines Activities and Operations Management Plan Topics: Inventory and Mapping Maintenance Frequency, Standards, Budget, Staffing, Equipment Capital Program From Stormwater Master Plan, Needs Inventory, or Regional Planning Public Education Regulatory Compliance


Stormwater UtilityDedicated Funding Source Separate Stormwater Program Operating Budget Used for operations, maintenance, and capital projects Increasingly Common in Pacific Northwest Funding Sources: Utility fee on all properties Rates based on impervious coverage Typically $4-$12/month per residential property SDCs for new development Grants, Loans, Bonds


OrdinancesAdopt Design Standards Adopt Stormwater Master Plan and/or Management Plan Establish Utility Structure and Rates Prohibit Illicit Discharges Establish Enforcement Authority Model ordinances are available


Next Steps for Coastal CommunitiesPartner together to establish Design Standards Cost and Time Effective Consistent standards through the region Base standards on accepted best practices and existing manuals Adopt Ordinances and/or Stormwater Utility Use model ordinances tailored to local needs Widespread adoption helps develop community and council support Partner to develop and distribute educational material


ResourcesEPA Training Webcasts Free live and archived webcasts on stormwater program topics. Stormwater Manager’s Resource Center Technical tools and resources; slide shows, manuals, checklists, and model ordinances. Center for Watershed Protection Research, design manuals, program guidelines, and model ordinances. Puget Sound Partnership Publications from the Puget Sound Action Team – the leading resource for low impact development guidance in the Pacific Northwest.


Resources: Design ManualsCity of Portland BES Stormwater Management Manual Clean Water Services Design and Construction Standards Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington ODOT Hydraulics Manual DEQ Erosion and Sediment Control Manual Rogue Valley Stormwater Quality Design Manual Central Oregon Stormwater Manual


Contact InformationAlissa Maxwell, PE Water Resources Engineer | Otak, Inc 541.385.9960 |

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