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The role of Acas James Crass & Harman Khera 24th June 2015


What we do? Acas aims to improve organisations and working life through better employment relations. We help employers and employees solve problems and aim to prevent or resolve disputes using a range of services. We encourage people to work together more effectively. We provide up to date information advice, independent advice and high quality training. We settle complaints about employee rights.


Acas services Mediation – is where an impartial third party, the mediator who is in charge of the process of seeking to resolve problem but not the outcome, helps two or more people in dispute to reach an agreement. Early Conciliation – It is now law that Acas provides early conciliation to help our customers reach an agreement in a dispute before submitting an employment tribunal claim, however if early conciliation is not successful, customers can still lodge an employment tribunal claim. Individual Conciliation – An independent, free, impartial and confidential conciliation service designed to help customers resolve the complaint without the need to prepare for and appear before a tribunal hearing. Collective Conciliation – Assisting Trade Unions and Employers in dispute reach or make progress towards agreed settlements which they all find acceptable. Arbitration - A confidential alternative to employment tribunals. Acas appoint an independent person to oversee the hearing and decide on the outcome. Helpline - Provide impartial guidance and advice to both employers, employees, Solicitors about a range of employment issues. 0300 123 1100 Good practice services (training and advisory) – Our advisers work with organisations by providing a range of training such as managing absence at work, redundancy and restructuring, having difficult conversations etc, to make their workplace more effective through better employee relations. 0300 123 1150

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