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© 2013 Halliburton. All rights reserved.DID YOU KNOW WORKING AT HEIGHT ELEVATES THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY.The Halliburton 10 to Zero Life Rules are a compilation of basic rules that all Halliburton employees know and live by. These are key components for identifying and managing the hazards in our business. Managing a worker’s risk of falling is a critical—yet often overlooked—job safety practice. Commonly defined as “working at height” (4 feet or more by U.S. standards), performing tasks above ground or floor level should require a hazard assessment prior to the task being started. Most critical is requiring workers to wear a full-body harness. This precaution alone has saved countless lives. In addition, scaffolding, ladders and temporary flooring should be examined for load strength and proper positioning. And to protect those working or walking below any elevated work, hand tools and materials should be secured at all time. At Halliburton, solving customer challenges is second only to keeping everyone safe and healthy. You can find more safety tips at Protection Equipment (PPE)

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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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