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Welcome to SADC course 2009


Information systems, SADC Course 2009


Course infoSome course information, the handouts from the computer lectures and some useful links are presented from the course webpage.More info at the course Web page: are here


SADC – website with information about your courseHow to find: NordGen plants, Internal webtools, SADC summer courseWebcalendar

5 Web CalendarYour course agenda is presented in the web calendar.Username: sadc Password: tseugWe will look at how to use the “WebCal” calendar application.


To edit the schedule for today


Do NOT click the bomb, this will delete the event


Some common softwareWord processor Spreadsheet Presentation Graphics Database systems Internet


Word processorsYou will find “MS Word” installed on the course computers. You may use this application to write your course report. “OpenOffice Writer” is a good no-cost alternative.OpenOffice Writer, MS Word, AbiWord, LaTex, KWord, Emacs, WordPerfect, Lotus Word ...


Spreadsheet OpenOffice Calc, MS Excel, KSpread, GNUmeric ...Spreadsheet functionality include calculations with statistical and scientific functions, pivot tables and charts. You may prefer to do calculations and presentation of data as tables or graphs for your course report in a spreadsheet application. You will find MS Excel installed on the course computers.


PresentationMS Power Point, PageMaker, KPresenter, Acrobat, OpenOffice Impress ... At the end of the course you will make a presentation of your report. You may choose to create the presentation with the MS PowerPoint installed on the course computers.


GraphicsAdobe Photo Shop, Corel Photo Paint, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, XV, IrFanView ...


Database systemsPostgreSQL, MySQL, Visual dBASE, MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle ... A database system would normally include functions to create tables, add data to the tables, extract data from the tables and display the extracted data either on screen or on paper. In a relational database the data storage (tables) are separated from the data display (forms). Further, the two can be linked together by queries allowing you to extract and combine data from multiple tables. This separation gives many benefits, making the whole system more flexible and maintainable. This is the most common database structure today. Client/Server databases are designed to be run over LANs, WANs or the Internet. Necessary for browser based access or many simultaneous users.


InternetBrowser: Mozilla FireFox, MS Internet Explorer, Opera, Lynx Email: MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird Web-email: Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail


Yahoo![] If you don’t already have an email account, then yahoo is another alternative. We will guide those of you who wish through the ‘New account sign-up’ procedure.


Hotmail[] If you don’t already have an email account, then hotmail is one alternative. We will guide those of you who wish through the ‘New account sign-up’ procedure.


Finding informationYou can use a search engine like Google to search for information on the internet. You will find more search engines at [] You will find maps and the flag of your home country at http;// or in the CIA World Fact Book


Remember to make a shutdown when you leave the computer - or leave it powered on. You should not just simply turn the power of by the power switch at the front.


Welcome Please ask if you have any questions

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