Introduction: What Is consumer behavior?

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Introduction: What is Consumer Behavior?MAR 3503 January 10, 2012


Why study consumers?For consumers’ sakes: To understand their preferences, desires, and needs To help them make the best choices For marketers’ sakes: To learn how to influence consumers To understand consumers, marketers must learn not only what consumers want, but why they want it


What responses do consumers make?Cognitions (thoughts) Product-related knowledge, beliefs, opinions, intentions, etc Affect (feelings) Product-related emotions (Observable) Behaviors Product-related decisions and actions


When can these responses be influenced?Pre-acquisition Acquisition Whether, what, why, how, when, where, how much, how often, etc. Post-acquisition Use Disposal Re-purchase


How do we understand these responses?A consumer’s responses to products and other objects are a function of both the person and the situation Person: Individual differences and personal factors Motivation, needs, personality, demographics Situation: Environment Friends, family, group norms, culture Both together: Basic human abilities, limitations, and tendencies Perception, attention, memory, comprehension, categorization Attitudes, attitude change Decision making


Whom can we influence?Purchaser, of course “Influencers” User Information gatherer Decider


So, a definition of “consumer behavior” The totality of consumers’ thoughts, feelings, and decisions about the consumption, acquisition, and disposition of goods, services, activities, and ideas


…but who cares?Marketing managers Policy makers Ethicists and consumer advocates Consumers!


Next time… How do we learn how consumers think and behave?

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