Hexagonal Pyramid cut at an angle #1

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Hexagonal Pyramid cut at an angle #1Drawing Abilities Teacher© J Lewis 2004


Orthographic projectionThe complete Elevation and partial Plan of a hexagonal pyramid are given below The pyramid is cut by plane AB and the upper section is removedNumber the six edges on the Elevation and Plan as shown© J Lewis 2004


Drawing construction linesDraw vertical construction lines from the Elevation to the Plan. The points projected are those where the edges are cut by the plane AB.Elevation of the pyramid before cutting© J Lewis 2004Where the construction lines cross the same numbered edges on the Plan, points for the Plan are obtained.


Completing the Plan viewJoin the points as shownPlan view after cutting© J Lewis 2004


Starting the End ElevationConstruct the outline of the End Elevation. Edge 5 is at the front and the construction lines are as shownTake care that the Elevation shows 3 sides but the End Elevation shows 2End Elevation – 2 sides !© J Lewis 2004


Starting the End ElevationDraw the horizontal construction lines from the plane AB to the End Elevation© J Lewis 2004


Completing the End ElevationJoin the points as shown – note that where a line is cut in one view, it is cut in the same place in every other view.ElevationEnd Elevation© J Lewis 2004


Drawing the True ShapeDraw construction lines at right angles to the cut surface – this gives the True Length for the surface Draw a Datum line parallel to AB as shown© J Lewis 2004


Drawing the True ShapeDraw lines, as shown, which are the same length as 1-3 and 6-4 on the End Elevation© J Lewis 2004


Drawing the True ShapeJoin the points to generate the True ShapeThis is the view with the cut surface at right angles to the direction of viewing© J Lewis 2004


Surface DevelopmentMark the various heights on to the right hand edge which is a True Length of side.© J Lewis 2004


Surface DevelopmentRedraw the True Length line from the last slide as shown Draw an arc of this radius Step off the 6 sides of the base as seen on the Plan around the arc© J Lewis 2004


Surface DevelopmentSwing the various heights from the True Length line on to their respective edges© J Lewis 2004


Surface DevelopmentConstruct the points on the correct radius as shown© J Lewis 2004


Finished Surface DevelopmentJoin the points as shown to complete the Surface Development© J Lewis 2004


Completed drawing© J Lewis 2004

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