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Welcome to Effective Writing Dr. Jill Singleton-Jackson “I then said that writing wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun. It was hard and lonely, and the words seldom just flowed.” ---- William Zinsser


How Do You Feel About Writing? Tell the truth!You have to write a 10 page paper. Think about how you feel about being given this assignment. Do you think you write well? Why or why not?


Who am I?Usually, I teach Psychology courses. Hmmm? I do have a doctoral minor in English, specifically Technical Writing (don’t fall asleep!). I have been known to read grammar books for fun (really!). It may be my calling to lift you to higher heights of grammatical correctness (i.e., I really like to bug people until they write well). I don’t really like to write, but I love it when I have written.


My Philosophy of Writing Writing should not be scary. It’s not something that only a lucky or talented few can manage to do well – you can learn to do it well! You will have to write everyday, so you should be a competent writer. Writing well will always prove to be helpful in life.


Everyday WritingLook out --- here comes my personal agenda… ALWAYS be aware of how you write. Emails Especially the ones you send to your professors! Letters Memos Notes to your neighbour IN YOUR OTHER CLASSES!!!! It really does matter


Effective Writing using MyCompLabWhat is it? A dynamic, interactive on-line writing course that allows students and their instructor to access rich on-line course materials, exercises, resources, and assessments.k


Our ExperienceOverwhelmingly positive Powerful platform Flexible Efficient Potential for growth from basic grammar to essay writingk


Students’ ExperiencesDiscussion Board Comment: “ You think you know what you're writing especially when you're in university but I guess not!! I am surprised about how much of this stuff on grammer I have no idea about. It kind of surprises me. At first I felt a little stupid when I started to think about how i'm in university and don't know what a pronoun is, but after talking to my friends, I'm not the only one. It's funny how you can write a paper but have no idea about the technical things that make up that paper.” j


Recurring Themes in CommentsIt will help me with the skills I need for classes and for work. It’s convenient and works well as an on-line course. I like the immediate feedback on exercises and assessments. Need to add a larger writing component. Everyone needs to take this course. Wish I had it as a first-year student.j


The poorest performers improved significantlyj


Course Websitehttp://www.uwindsor.ca/users/j/ jjackson/main.nsf Course Outline Check this site weekly. Mainly we will communicate through the MyCompLab email program and the Announcements page


Today we will…Find out how to register for MyCompLab Look at the features of MyCompLab Review your first set of assignments Find out about Exchange (another part of CourseCompass) Answer your questions


Registering for the MyCompLab part of Effective Writing To register for this on-line component you will need the following: An email address The course ID: jackson00565 A student access code The university postal code: N9B 3P4


MyCompLabLet’s see how it works… http://www.coursecompass.com Register Tour



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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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