Data Structures Lecture-1:Introduction

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Data Structures Lecture-1:Introduction


BooksData Structures Using C and C++ By Y. Langsam, M. J. Augenstein, A. M. Tenenbaum Data Structures and Algorithms By A. V. Aho, J. E. Hopcroft, J. D. Ullman Schaum's Outline Series, Theory and problems of Data Structures By Seymour Lipschutz Some topics will be covered from other books. Material will be provided for these topics.


Course ContentsIntroduction Complexity Analysis Simple Data Types and Abstract Data Types Arrays and Lists Elementary Data Structures Stack and Queues Recursion and Time Complexity of Recursive Algorithms Trees and Graphs Set structure Searching techniques Hashing Sorting techniques


What is a Computer Program?To exactly know, what is data structure? We must know: What is a computer program? InputSome mysterious processingOutput


DefinitionAn organization of information, usually in memory, for better algorithm efficiency such as queue, stack, linked list, heap, dictionary, and tree,


3 steps in the study of data structures Logical or mathematical description of the structure Implementation of the structure on the computer Quantitative analysis of the structure, which includes determining the amount of memory needed to store the structure and the time required to process the structure


Data may be organized in many ways E.g., arrays, linked lists, trees etc. The choice of particular data model depends on two consideration: It must be rich enough in structure to mirror the actual relationships of data in the real world The structure should be simple enough that one can effectively process the data when necessary


ExampleData structure for storing data of students:- Arrays Linked Lists Issues Space needed Operations efficiency (Time required to complete operations) Retrieval Insertion Deletion


What data structure to use? Data structures let the input and output be represented in a way that can be handled efficiently and effectively.arrayLinked listtreequeuestack

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