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Developed by: Teresa Nguyen, B.S. Brian Chen, B.S. Heritage University Yakima Regional CLS Program 2009


What is your body going through when you get sick? Where does your blood go after it is drawn? How do doctors come up with their diagnoses?


The laboratory team assists in Determining presence and absence of disease/abnormalities within the body Evaluating the effectiveness of treatments 80% of all physician decisions are based on lab test results


Are you looking for a career where you can help others in the healthcare field without being a doctor or nurse? A career in clinical laboratory science offers: Many benefits Lots of job opportunities Room for advancement Job security


Blood Banking Chemistry Hematology/Coagulation Urinalysis Microbiology


Determine Blood types – ABO and Rh typing Prepare blood and components for transfusions Antibody screening Antibody identification


Chemical testing on blood and urine Some examples of testing include: Cholesterol Electrolytes Enzymes Hormones Vitamins Blood Glucose Drug Concentrations


Additional testing Detect antibody production to diseases/infections Allergies Hepatitis HIV Herpes Many more…Molecular diagnostics such as PCR Blood gas analysis


Microscopic Examination of: Red blood cells White Blood Cells Platelets Look for anemia, leukemia, and other abnormalities


Automated blood cell counts Coagulation Test ability of blood to clot Give results for drug therapy Heparin Coumadin


Analysis of urine for elements such as Glucose Protein Blood Ketones Bilirubin pH Crystals Bacteria


Work with agar plate/tube media Identification of bacteria, fungi and parasites Determine antibiotic sensitivity


Aptitude for science course work Good hand/eye coordination and manual dexterity Good communication skills Detail orientated Organized and able to multitask Works well under pressure Ability to work as a team player Desire to help others


Hospitals Clinics Research facilities Industries Universities Government Veterinary/zoos Public health Reference labs Forensics Law Other health related agencies And many more…


Clinical Laboratory Scientist/Medical Technologist (CLS/MT) Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Technician (CLT/MLT) Pathologist (MD) Pathologist Assistant (PA) Cytotechnologist (CT) Histotechnologist (HTL) Histotechnician (HT) Phlebotomist


Bachelors Degree One year training in an accredited education program ASCP (MT) or NCA (CLS) certification Performs laboratory testing on blood, urine, feces, spinal fluid and other body fluids Uses microscopes and operates complex automated instruments Assists physicians and pathologists in diagnosis of disease


Two year Associates Degree program ASCP (MLT) or NCA (CLT) certification examPerforms laboratory testing under supervision of CLS/MT


Pathologist Bachelors degree + Medical Doctorate degree + 3-8 year internship/residency A physician who studies and examines body fluids, tissues and cells Perform autopsies Pathology Assistant Bachelors degree + 2 year pathology assistant program AAPA exam/Masters degree Assist pathologist in their duties


Bachelors degree + CT (ASCP) exam One Year Cytotechnology program Examines and identifies abnormal cells Screening of PAP smears and other body fluids


Histotechnician Associates degree + HT (ASCP) exam Prepares microscope slides from solid tissues from biopsy samples for examination under microscope Histologist Bachelors degree + HTL (ASCP) exam Studies tissue samples


Trained to draw blood from patients for laboratory testing Specialized 3-6 month training program


Employment is expected to grow 14% between 2006 and 2016 In 2006, clinical laboratory technologist and technicians held 319,000 jobs in the U.S. WA State Salary estimates CLS/MT: $43,260-$58,250 CLT/MLT: $25,900-$35,400


Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technologist Heritage University Yakima Regional CLS Program Contact: Terese Abreu, M.A., CLS (NCA), MT (ASCP) Phone: (509) 865-8642 email: website: Sacred Heart Medical Center Contact:  Cynthia Hamby, MEd, MT(ASCP) Phone:  (509) 474-3339 email: website:


Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technologist University of Washington Contact:  Mary Lampe, PhD Phone:  (206) 598-2135 email: web site:


Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician Clover Park Technical College Contact:  Anne O'Neil, MT (ASCP) Phone:  (253) 589-5625 email: website: Renton Technical College Contact: Michael Sealfon, PhD Phone:  (425) 235-2352 Ext 2018 email: website:


Clinical Laboratory Technician/Medical Laboratory Technician Shoreline Community College Contact:  Molly Morse Phone:  (206) 546-6947 email: website: Wenatchee Valley College Contact:  Pamela Wilson-McNamara Phone:  (509) 682-6668 email: website:

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