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Absence Management Training November, 2008


AgendaOverview of the Entire Process Explain Employee Role Entering their time Explain Timekeeper Role Reviewing time for a dept Manager / Chair Role Approving time for a dept


Absence Management OverviewEmployee submits any time taken or reports No Time Taken into the on-line system Department Timekeeper reviews all submissions by employees and verifies for accuracy. This is an optional step. Manager acknowledges that the timekeeper has verified leave submitted and approves leave time reported on-line. An automated process calculates monthly balances for all leave eligible employees, including accruals and usage.


Employee RoleAny employee who is eligible to accrue and use leave, such as vacation or sick leave, will use Absence Management. The type of leave available to accrue and use is dependent upon your position and your bargaining unit agreement. Absence Management will replace the current Monthly Attendance Summary, Form 634, in most instances.


Employee Log into MyFresnoState Click on Employee Self Service Click on Time Reporting Click on Report Absence


EmployeeOnce logged in, an Employee can: Report “No Time Taken” Report a specific absence View previously submitted absences Review absence balances






No Time Taken5 Clicks To Enter No Time Taken


Employees Should CheckIt is important for an employee logging into the system for the first time to check two things: The Employee’s Assigned Schedule. A link to the “View Monthly Schedule” can be found on the Report Absence screen. The Employee’s leave balances. These can be found on the “Absence Balance” page.


Enter A Specific AbsenceWhat the employee sees when they select an Absence type. Notice the balance. Notice the option to view the schedule.


View Previously Submitted Absences


View Absence Balances


What the System Isn’tThe system is not a mechanism to request time off. It is used to report time off already taken by an employee. The system is not a mechanism to keep track of an employee’s workday start and end times.


Timekeeper RoleThe timekeeper role in Absence Management is granted to an individual within a department who will review time and attendance before it is approved by the Department Chair or Department Manager. This role allows the individual to compare approved time to the time entered into Absence Management by employees. There is a field in Absence Management where the timekeeper can denote whether a leave entry had been ‘verified’ or ‘needs correction’.


Timekeeper RoleThis role also allows the individual, under specific circumstances, to enter time on behalf of an employee. If time is entered on an employee’s behalf, the employee is notified by a system-generated email. This on-line review will replace the documenting of a department’s leave usage on the monthly Leave Usage Report that was provided by Payroll Services.


Timekeeper Log into MyFresnoState Click on Time Administration Click on Absence


TimekeeperOnce logged in, a Timekeeper can: Review time reported for employees within the timekeeper’s department Enter time for employees within the timekeeper’s department View the schedules of employees (future) View previous leave reported by employees (future)




Reporting an Absence for an Employee


Report Absence 100.0004.04.0


Review Absence 12567Funeral Take1.0 . .5Jury Duty TakeDock TakeVacation TakeCTO Premium EarnedMouse, MinnieYou can sort the data on any page by the column header if the column header is underlined22


Timekeeper The Absence Management Implementation Team has requested that employees currently serving as timekeepers automatically be given that role in Absence Management. If this request is approved, current timekeepers would bypass the PSoft security request process.


Timekeeper Some departments may decide that additional employees may need to have the timekeeper role. If this timekeeper role is required for other employees, the request should be made through the normal security request process within PSoft.


Timekeeper Request the role of Timekeeper – this can be done by the current timekeeper, the manager or by the employee25


Chair / Manager RoleThe Department Chair or Department Manager is responsible for approving all leave time for employees on-line. This approval process will replace the reviewing and signing of the Leave Usage Report (LUR) that was provided by Payroll Services.

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