A web based alternative to cardiac rehabilitation

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A Web-Based Alternative to Cardiac Rehabilitation Devi, R1., Powell, J2., & Singh, S1. 1Coventry University, Priory Street Coventry, CV1 5FB. 2Medical School Building, Gibbet Hill Road, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL.


Presentation Contents Web based programme description The OSCAR Trial Preliminary Findings Conclusions Service Implications


New Innovation Web-based Cardiac RehabilitationThe programme offers - Alternative choice - Secondary prevention option for less severe patients. An internet Based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programme has been developed over 2-3 years at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. Patient involvement in programme design and development


Web based CR - www.activateyourheart.org.uk


Individualised Personal PlanPatient Goal Setting


Secondary Prevention Advice


Getting Advice – Email link or Synchronised Chat Room


Progression through the programme


Online Study of CArdiac Rehabilitation – The OSCAR Trial Aim – Investigate the effectiveness and acceptability of this new web-based CR programme. Participants – Individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of angina are being recruited from primary care. Design – All outcome measures are assessed at baseline and at a 6 week follow up.


Outcome Measure Used‘Sensewear Pro3 Armband’. Primary Outcome Measure – Daily average step count , daily average energy expenditure (EE), EE and duration of physical activity (DPA) at a light/moderate (3 MET) and moderate/vigorous (5MET) intensity.


Preliminary Findings 17 patients have completed the programme (13 male, 4 female), mean age of 69.1 years (9.1).


Physical Activity Changes Pre/post web based CRPre/post web based CR


It helped my discipline a lot for the exercising. (BH, Male aged 64). Yes that gave me the discipline, I now make sure that I get at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week most days I’ve been able to do it 6 days a week. (KJ, Male aged 63 years). Well I didn’t exercise at all the past couple of years, with this programme I’ve had to force myself to do the half an hour walks and now I’ve just started taking Zoomba classes too. Which I would have never done before. (BM, female aged 46 years). Patient Testimonials - Increased Exercise Its certainly made me more aware of what I can do, I need to do it I need to keep active and exercise, not only keep active but exercise as well. (GR, male aged 61 years).


It did give me a bit more confidence to walk faster and that I could do things that were more energetic if I wanted to. (AM, Male aged 64 years). I’m more positive about living a longer life and not dying, well hopefully not dying before my kids get into their 20s. (BM, Female aged 46). Its made me less anxious in that way. (BM, Female aged 46 years)Patient Testimonials - Confidence and positivity


Patient Testimonials - AcceptabilityI can do it on my own & can be done whenever without having to go and make an appointment to attend somewhere so from that point of view its ideal. (IM, male, 68 years)I found it very good, very useful, very easy to use, for somebody who is not very good on computers it was very easy. (JB, Male 60 years).I could talk to someone without having to bother the doctor (BH, Male aged 64).The idea I think is excellent, the fact that you can do it in your own time (KJ, Male 63 years old).


Conclusions Pilot data and positive feedback demonstrates that this web based programme has potential to improve cardiac risk factors in patients with angina.


Potential for New Innovative Web Based Programme Innovative use of technology. Alternative choice. Widened access . Greater flexibility. Potentially allows capacity to be released in conventional programmes to accommodate the ‘higher risk ‘ patients e.g. heart failure who currently impose a great burden upon the NHS.


AcknowledgmentsAny service delivery questions please contact Professor Sally Singh - s.singh@coventry.ac.uk

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Last Updated: 8th March 2018

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